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Leap to the industry's best
A young company, a challenging company, a company that thinks about customers first CS Technophil

I sincerely thank you for your generous support and encouragement.

CS has achieved remarkable progress and growth in the industrial filter industry, and has been striving to challenge even the impossible in the future through bold investment in research and development and active accumulation of technology.

Our CS technophiles are committed to application across product, industrial, and food product, semiconductor, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries,

With accumulated know-how and know-how, we will continue to manufacture FILTER and technology development as well as HOUSING and SYSTEM production in order to further manufacture and distribute AUTO FILTRARION SYSTEM.

CS Technophil's goal is to grow to the industry's best through technology competition with world-class competitors.

I promise that I will devote myself more and more to what I have done so far with a clear sense of purpose.

CEO  Shim Jai-deug
and the employees  of the company
Leap to the best in the filter industry, think about nature and environment